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How to use IP to hack the system?

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How hacker hack your system with your IP

Your IP is a unique content on the internet. Every communication done on the internet is based on IP(internet protocol). 

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What happens if I say a hacker is hacking your system with just your IP address and is working there? I recommend you use a VPN or proxies. If you use them then you protect yourself from the hacker or the data collector. 

Here you have questions about how it's possible that just one IP is vulnerable and create a path for hackers to gain access to the system.

The answer is an open port. But this attack is not possible at this time. On this day the security of networking structure is change and works with more efficiency and more securely.

We know computers have many ids done much work like media sharing, data transfer, etc. Those particular jobs have a port for the task. 

What is an open port?

Port is not using a system for special work and they show every other system is communicating with this computer with that port. The system has 65535 TCP/UDP ports.

A hacker is collecting information about your system version and making exploits as banner grabs. How it works is explained on the blog.

In the local area network, you and the hacker are connected on the same network. Hacker finds your IP easily through a simple network scan. 

The Linux distribution Nmap is provided inbuilt but if you are using windows or another distribution download Nmap from the official website.

Nmap is an information-gathering tool. If you know your victim IP you can gain information about the victim system port with Nmap.

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Find victim IP

First, you have to find the victim IP.

if you are shown how to use Nmap type command:

nmap --h

Scan the local network and identify the victim system.

Here we use Nmap official website 

For scan open Nmap and type


In results, you show many port information. Here you can connect with a Nmap server with an open port. A close or filter port is secure by the server or firewall.

Then you choose banner grab tool here we use telnet and sent banner with a simple type

telnet <host IP><port number to grab>

If the server is vulnerable you can access the website. 

How to protect yourself from attack?

Add a firewall on the server. 

Close all unnecessary ports that are not used by the server. 

Update the system regularly.

In this article, we discuss how hacker hacks your system just knowing IP. 

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