How to install visual studio in linux?

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How to install visual studio in linux?


In this article, I will make a full tutorial on how to install visual studio on all the Linux platform.
You can install visual studio various method.

1] From the Package

2] Using Snap

1] From the Package

Go to the official site of Visual studio website and download the package as you wish.
here I download the .deb package for the Linux distribution.


Once the package download, you can extract and install visual studio with the simple code.

sudo dpkg -i [package name]


2] Using Snap

Snapcraft is one of the most popular websites for app download in Linux. you can use this site to download various package.

for download and install visual studio just goto the website and search for visual studio.
Click on the install button and copy the code.


open the terminal and paste that code into the terminal. fill the root password and go, the visual studio is download automatic download and install on your system. it process depends on your network speed so it may be a delay or fast.


sudo snap install code --classic



 I hope you understand it very well. if you like this tutorial please share it with those who need this. if you have any questions and suggestions please ask me in the comment section below.



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